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Too many times either companies or individuals find themselves overcharged by local website “designers and developers” which can leave you with a bad experience when trying to get either your personal or business identity online. It’s because of these bad experiences that we have begun development in the Amarillo area.


How can we help?

Livid Rhino has over 20+ years of experience with building blogs, eCommerce, informational, and service-related websites for a variety of industries. Through the years we’ve learned quite a lot and are happy to share our knowledge with our community at an affordable rate.  We cannot stress enough just how important a website impacts your brick-and-mortar business, it is literally the new phone book for this generation. With this in mind, it’s best that you approach your online identity as another extension of your business, meaning don’t just have a friend, niece, nephew, or another random person build something for you. Always remember one golden rule “you get what you pay for!”

It’s too easy to jump online now and simply look something up and expect to find it, however, when you actually get into the online world as a developer you quickly find out there are many rules and guidelines you should be following if you want your website to be on that coveted page 1 of Google! Listed below you’ll find the reasons why Livid Rhino is a step in the right direction when it comes to your website design and development.

Fully custom designs and development

We at livid rhino take our vocation seriously, we don’t cut corners and never resell shortcuts. We fully build not only your website design but also the code that goes along with it.

Zero absolutely zero pre-made templates are ever used! Lately, the new “trend” for web design firms is to purchase an already built website design then change the colors & images, and then install it on your CMS and call it a day. While this may help the design firm tremendously with quickly launching a website on your behalf there are many negative factors you should be aware of.

  • Non-unique look-and-feel
  • Bloated designs
  • Bloated code
  • Slow loading speeds
  • Heavy animations
  • Trendy and bloated elements
  • Worst of all but common nowadays, the design firm complete inability to make adjustments to code themselves

These are but a few examples of why you shouldn’t want a firm to simply re-sell you a pre-made template, but trust me there are many other reasons why you’d want to avoid these shortcuts.

Benefits of a custom-built website.


Optimized For Speed

Most of our designs are built for speed first! While we still try our best to provide you with the latest trends, bells, & whistles we focus on load times and snappiness of the website first.

Why you might ask? During the early years, a website was served primarily to a desktop or laptop computer with decent to later years with much faster internet speeds. This is no longer the case, in fact, search engines now grade your site on how fast it loads with its mobile version first. Recently Google realized that more and more people are using their phones and tablets to browse the web, typically these devices have much slower internet speeds provided by the wireless networks. Therefore the latest trends or design elements may be extremely heavy and can greatly slow down how fast your website loads for the end-user. This is considered a bad experience for users and will demote your website from placing high on search engine result pages.

The need for speed is real people.


SEO (search engine optimization)

While our basic web design tier does offer light SEO services, a fully optimized site can provide you with an increasing amount of leads and provide you with a better return of investment. While most of our competitors do offer a basic SEO package as well, it does come at an extra service fee, while we at Livid Rhino like to make sure you hit the ground running before you leave our doors.

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ADA Compliance

While this is more of an extreme overhaul for any website it’s something to also begin considering.

What exactly is ADA compliance you may be asking? ADA stands for American Disability Association, these guidelines ensure that an individual with a disability can still use the world wide web without any complications. For example, let’s say an individual is color blind then you do not want to use color combinations that hinder them from being able to read the text on your website, or if another individual cannot use a mouse but instead make use of specialized keyboards to navigate your website then the tab index needs to be addressed and so forth.

There are many and we mean many rules when attempting to make any website fully ADA compliant, and yes some design elements must be addressed, enhanced, or even sometimes removed in order to fulfill these requirements. However, in the long run, think of ADA compliance as meeting the most strict SEO enhancement to your overall web presence and therefore you’re actually finely-tuning your website to compete against your competitors.

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