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Statement of Work - Web Design

Project Overview

This project involves the design and development of a new website for use by “The Client”. The client’s current site is badly in need of a design refresh, yet the CRM must maintain ease of use as several users will need to access the site and regularly upload content (preferably using WordPress). Another problem commonly experienced is poor display by the website across different browsers, especially mobiles and tablets.

The scope and tasks required to complete this project will follow the timelines outlined within in order to deliver the components at the associated costs listed.

Project Objectives

This project has been proposed to achieve the following objectives:

OBJECTIVE 1: Design a clean, modern website or e-commerce website that delivers a seamless and engaging user experience.

OBJECTIVE 2: Ensure the site CRM is highly functional yet easy to use so various users may upload content.

OBJECTIVE 3: Set up a WordPress integration so that regular blog posts can be posted.

A list of deliverables and assumptions is included herein.

Project Scope

Below is set out the project scope for your website as follows:

Website design and development

The theme presented with the proposal will be the basis for the design of the website. Design work will be done in either Adobe Photoshop or Adobe XD and sign off will be required before proceeding to development.

Information Architecture

The pages for the site will include: List of Pages The features of the site will include: List of Features

Host & Domain Setup

If hosting is required, hosting will be sourced and set up for the requested domain. Maintenance of the account will fall to "The Client" at the conclusion of the project. Unless specified/requested otherwise by both "The Client" and a representative of Livid Rhino on monthly maintainence (additional recurring fees will apply).

Project Tasks, Deliverables & Components

The tasks & Deliverables required to achieve the scope as described above are as follows:

TASK 1: Site Design and Content Entry

The initial content provided to us will be entered onto the site pages. This will include text and pictures for each page to be created with the initial setup.

TASK 2: Wordpress Installation & Setup

The CMS on the domain mentioned above will be setup and installed so that "The Client" is able to maintain the site.

TASK 3: Browser Testing

The site will be tested to make sure it works with modern desktop web browsers. The site will also be tested to ensure it does not break when viewed on mobile devices.

DELIVERABLE 1: Website Design

Following your brief being sent to the designer, we will deliver a single website design concept within 1 week. We will allow for one round of minor modifications before digital signoff is required to move forward to building the site.

DELIVERABLE 2: Draft Version Of Site

Once we have been provided with the content for the site, this will be loaded in and testing can begin. Digital sign off will be required before deploying to the Staging Site.

DELIVERABLE 3: Draft Version Of Site

Once final testing and edits are complete, the site will be deployed to "The Clients" domain. We will then require final sign off and the following components will be delivered.

COMPONENT 1: Website Account & Login Details

Account and Login details will be setup for 1 Admin level who can then create further accounts at User Level. An explanation and 30 mins training will be given.

COMPONENT 2: Site Backup

A hard backup copy of the files associated can be delivered upon completion to the client either by Dropbox, Google Drive, or USB stick (additional fee).

COMPONENT 3: Training

A one time training session will be provided of no longer than 1 hour, this will train you on how to update and manage your website.

Key Milestones

We have drafted the below schedule for this project and its relevant stages:

Estimated Timeline:

Sign Statement of Work
As Soon As Possible
Client Provides Content
As Soon As Possible
Initial Look-and-Feel
Week One
Client Review Phase
Week Two
Finalized Design
Week Three
Deploy to Staging Site
Week Four
Deploy to Client Domain
Week Five
Final Sign Off & Receipt of Components
Week Six

Final Costs & Invoice Schedule

An outline of the costs for the design, development and testing of the site is estimated here followed by the total

Website Design
Website Development

Total: $2045.93

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