Amarillo SEO Services

Amarillo SEO Services

Livid Rhino is dedicated to providing the Amarillo area with high-quality whitehat SEO services.

You may be asking yourself what exactly is SEO and how does it benefit my website? Well, allow us to better explain.


What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization or just how easy it is for Google and other search engines to find your website. Think of it this way, the content or verbiage on your website paints a picture for search engines to better understand what exactly your website or its pages focus on. It’s similar to an essay, you have the main topic which is followed by supporting paragraphs (verbiage) that backs up your arguments.

To better clarify let’s say a person visits Google and begins searching for “widgets” and your website talks about widgets; then your site should return as a search result “if” you follow quality SEO practices.


How does Google collect this data?

Search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and many others have “spiders or bots” which travel the web and visit websites, these “spiders” collect the data (topics, verbiage, metadata) located on your pages and begin a process known as indexing.

Indexing functions similar to an index found within a book, once a search engine has visited your site it begins to formulate an idea on what it believes the information located on your website pertain towards. It then begins to catalog this information into indexes which it will then return as a result if a user searches for your topics.


Relevancy and how does it help?

Google uses a tool called algorithms, the algorithm also known as “the secret sauce” attempts to push relevant content to the top of a SERPs (search engine results pages). Think of relevant content like this, if you do a search for “widgets” you’re expecting to have search results for pages discussing “widgets,” right? However, if you do a search for “buy widgets online” then a search engine will understand you’re wanting to purchase something and it will then return online stores that “sell widgets”.

Google determines how your website fits a specific need-based off the “relevancy” of your pages, allow me to explain. If you consistently discuss widgets but have other keywords or keyphrases such as “buy, add to cart, continue shopping or product description” then google begins to understand that you must be an online store. However, if you have “widgets” but most of your content is discussing the differences of widget A versus widget B then Google begins to understand you’re an informational website providing discussions for widgets. Starting to get the idea, just remember one old saying “Content Is King!”


So all I have to do is make my verbiage more relevant?

Well, yes and no! While having content is always a HUGE step in the right direction there is also a correct way and wrong way to do this. Again search engines such as Google have algorithms, these algorithms have rules which are closely guarded secrets that nobody outside of Google will ever fully know. It used to be, if you put quality content onto your website then Google would find it and start placing you on page one + search result one, however nowadays with there being so much more competition and also malicious spammy websites attempting to circumvent actual quality website to gain more of the ever-coveted click.